Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

By placing an order, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions:


‘The business’, ‘we’, ‘us’, and ‘our’ refers to RAVEN CARPETS & FLOORING LTD, including all employees and / or subcontractors.

‘You’, ‘your’, ‘yours’, ‘you’re’, and ‘yourself’ refers to clients and / or potential clients of RAVEN CARPETS & FLOORING LTD, and / or subcontractors.


Usually the minimum 50% of the total balance is required to place an order, for high value orders or dependant on circumstances a deposit of up to 100% of the total balance may be required.


We take great pride in our workmanship, and often take photographs of completed jobs, these may be used for marketing purposes, unless otherwise requested. We will never include any address details, or names of individuals without prior written consent, and will try not to include furniture or any of our customers personal belongings. If you do not wish for these images to be used for marketing purposes, please let us know, and they will subsequently not be used for marketing, though they may be kept for our own records.

Data Protection

We value our customers data, and endeavour to ensure it remains secure.

We will only ever use your contact details in response to a request or enquiry by yourself, or to confirm details of an estimate, quote, invoice, appointment or to confirm product or fitting details. Some of our customers details are stored electronically and some in paper format. By law we have to retain these details for a minimum of 5 years.

Your contact details will never be wilfully given to a 3rd party or a subcontractor without your prior consent.

3rd Party Products

As a general rule we only fit products we have supplied, as this way we can guarantee the quality and longevity of our workmanship. Occasionally we may reuse or cover some existing / previously fitted flooring materials if we deem them to be of reasonable standard, this will be documented on your invoice.

Any new products which have been sourced by yourself or a 3rd party we are unable to guarantee, and as such you would accept full liability for any quality issues yourself.

Fitting Dates

Upon verbal acceptance of a quote, you may be offered a fitting date/s. Occasionally due to circumstances out of our control, the date/s offered may not be viable. We will give as much notice as possible of such occurrence, and book you in for the next available fitting date/s.


Should you need to delay your arranged fitting date, we ask that you give a minimum of 7 days notice, to minimise disruption to the business. Failure to give such notice may incur additional charges.


We ask that you ensure access to the property in question is available at the arranged time/s and date/s given for fitting.

We use a large van, which large items need to be removed from, therefore ample parking must be made available when required.

All pedestrian routes into and around the property must be cleared of obstruction prior to our arrival.

Failure to allow reasonable access may result in works being postponed, and incur additional charges.

Working Conditions

We reserve the right to postpone works if working conditions provided are not safe or practical. Depending on circumstances this may incur additional charges.


Most of the products we sell come with a manufacturers warranty. We encourage you to familiarise yourself with details of the relevant warranties, and whether they are applicable before purchasing.

As we deal directly with many manufacturers, we can claim for any defect or irregularity on your behalf, and if successful, arrange replacement.


Flooring products have a variety of material components and therefore have a variety of maintenance requirements. We encourage clients to familiarise themselves with these requirements for their chosen products prior to placing an order.

We accept no liability for misuse of products, or damage to flooring materials which has been caused by yourself, even if unintentionally.

Furniture and/or Appliances

We ask that all furniture and/or appliances are removed from the areas by yourself prior to fitting. If, for whatever reason this is not possible, this must be agreed in advance, and documented on your invoice, which may incur additional charges.

Carpet Pole Lines

Full rolls of carpet are cut to reduced sizes and rolled separately by machine onto plastic or cardboard tubes for transportation. The tension applied during this process often leaves a ‘pole line’ at one end of each cut length ordered. This is where the rest of the carpet on a cut length is tightly pulled against the first layer to go around the tube. This is not a fault, and will disappear once the carpet has acclimatised and been vacuumed several times, sometimes over several weeks.

Minor Imperfections

No manufacturing process is perfect, and neither are buildings. We endeavour to produce the best results possible with the materials provided, and the conditions we are fitting them in.

We do not accept responsibility for walls not being straight, or minor imperfections in the materials used. If we believe the materials are below the expected standard we can ask the manufacturers for a replacement.

Touching Up

Minor rub marks, scratches, splashes etc are often unavoidable, particularly on fresh paintwork, and cracking /flaking of old paintwork or old building materials is also often unavoidable. For this reason we encourage clients to use suitable products for decorating, and allow sufficient time for the products to set / dry prior to installation.
We emphasise that all customers should be prepared to have some touching up of paintwork to do after fitting has been completed – we do not accept liability for minor accidental or unavoidable damages as mentioned above.


We take the utmost care possible to protect our clients property, but sometimes serious accidental damage may happen. We have full public liability insurance to the value of £5million in the unlikely event of any serious damage to your property.


We offer a 24 hour cancellation period after ordering. Once 24 hours has passed, you are liable to purchase and accept delivery of all materials, even if fitting is no longer required. Additional charges for administration and/ or deliveries may be applicable.

Balance Payments

Remaining balances must be paid to us promptly upon completion of works as described on your invoice, and all products remain the property of Raven Carpets & Flooring LTD until paid for in full. Completion is regarded as all products supplied and fitted – any quality issues regarding products or services will be dealt with as quickly as possible, but this will be classed as either replacement or remedial work and does not count as incomplete, or give grounds for withholding of balance payment under any circumstances.

Overdue Payments

Once works have been completed, as described above, the balance is classed as due. 30 Days after this due date a charge of 2% of the balance will be added to the balance. Every 30 days thereafter another 2% will be added, on an accrual basis.

Breach of Contract

At the time of quotation we will ascertain the conditions applicable for preparation and fitting, these will be documented on your invoice.

Your invoice along with these terms and conditions are legally binding documents, and failure to comply with any of the details therein will constitute breach of contract.

In such instance we reserve the right to suspend progress of works, and receive payment for all material and labour costs incurred to date.

This could also involve editing your existing invoice, or issuing of a new invoice with the new terms and conditions to be applied before proceeding with works.


In the extremely unlikely event that you are not 100% satisfied with our products or services, we will endeavour to report, correct, or replace any concerns as quickly as possible. 3rd Party Assessment may be required, which we will arrange for you.

We thank you for your business!